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On A Dead Machine

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On A Dead Machine
On A Dead Machine Bio:

Inventing not only a new way of making music, but a whole new way of listening to it"

On A Dead Machine is a band that has become really difficult to classify since their conception in early 2003. Built out of the ashes of the now defunct Drought and Piston Honda, the Memphis, TN band's roster includes Brian Link (vox), Adam Lucchesi (guitar), Hans Amelang (bass), and Ed Harris (drums). Through this foursome's combined efforts they have created a sound that is all their own. A sound that is heavy, but not really "metal;" while often exploring an "emo/indie" vibe through soaring melodies yet never really fitting that category either. They've been called everything from the new nu-metal to post-hardcore. While opinions may differ when it comes to the band's classification, most critics have all agreed that On A Dead Machine is an original group that has a knack for writing great music while handling themselves like true professionals.

OADM really took shape in mid-2003 when they released their first rough demo (featuring Habit and I've Seen Better Days), recorded in various apartments and bathrooms... yes, bathrooms. But regardless of the toiletries involved, this rough demo still landed the band a bit of fanfare and international exposure to webzines like and UK's A few short months later the band moved into Young Ave. Sound studio for two days to record what would become The Morning After, the first single off of their upcoming self-titled full-length. Featuring songs like "The Morning After" and "Post-Modern Love," the 2003 single made a lot of positive noise amongst both the fans and critics. Consequently a slew of opportunities also began to arise, such as sharing the stage with national acts like Ill Nino, Flaw, 40 Below Summer, Saliva, and Chevelle.

A few months later in 2004, On A Dead Machine recorded their second studio release during another two-day trip into Young Ave. Sound. The Cancer single, meant to be a companion to its predecessor, once again proved the band's worth, with songs like "Cancer" and "A Million Helicopters and One Dollar" grabbing the attention of fans and landing rave reviews in a multitude of magazines and webzines from the US and abroad. Accompanying the many reviews, a new spark in label and management interest has come to follow OADM. Though not currently committed to anything, the band hopes to settle soon should the right opportunity present itself. In the meantime, On A Dead Machine is staying true to form by gearing up for its highly anticipated first full-length studio release to be followed by a regional tour. If nothing else can be said about the band, this much is true: On A Dead Machine is a unit that is dedicated to their love of music and will continue to do whatever it takes because of their belief in something bigger than themselves.

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