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The Coggs

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The Coggs
The Coggs Bio:

The Coggs have electrified audiences with their thunderous, blues-driven rock n roll, which is not only relevant to contemporary pop music of the past few years, but also incorporates more traditional roots from Chicago, Memphis, and the Delta.

At present The Coggs are residing at The Rainbow, Ottawas Premier House of Blues, playing every Friday from 5-7pm. The band plays regularly at other major venues around the City of Ottawa, and also has toured outside the city around North and North-Eastern Ontario. In the coming months The Coggs will be keeping very busy, going back into the studio to record a full-length CD to add to their collection.

Here is what some people are saying about The Coggs

"B.B. King meets the White Stripes" - Ivan Gedz, The Social.

"Your song [Pissin In My Ear] has a great melody, a great chorus that really says it all, and way too much attitudeThere was something about the song then - and there's still something about it now." - Kath Thompson, 106.9 fm. The Bear

"Best damn rock band in Ottawa. Can't wait to see you guys again!!!" - Erika Thomas, Ottawa, ON

"Saw these guys tear New Year's 2004 a new A- hole. Sick...Just Sick." - Dave R., Ottawa, ON

"I saw you guys play at the Rainbow last Sunday. You were great! Very intense, great rock/blues songs. I loved it!" - Joe, (drummer) Vanderstrip

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