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Jd. Strange

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Jd. Strange
Jd. Strange Bio:

I have been creating new genres of electronic music since the year 2001 with each full length production. My music is still way underground, and it will probably remain there for awhile until someone with a record deal comes along, and if not, thats alright too, because I'll just keep doing what I do best.

I consider (most) of my music to be in the progressionist / experimentalist category with the exception of a few IDM / ambient songs here and there. I enjoy pushing the boundries of what we most commonly call music. I consider music to be an artform, mine being abstract and undefined.

Everyone has their passion, mine just happens to be electronic music.

Discography [full length albums]
[1] Prototypes (15-songs) *2004
[2] Dark Sessions (10-songs) *2005
[3] PiK-NiK (10-songs) *2005
[4] Jibberish (10-songs) *2005
[5] Elektroshizm (9-songs) *2005
[6] Jd. Strange (7-songs) *2006
[7] Experimentals, Relics, and Collaborations (15-songs) *2006
[8] Clinically Insane (13-tracks) *2006

Discography [e.p.'s]
[1] Mixes and Remixes (9-songs) *2004
[2] Lone-Star 2005 E.P. (4-songs) *2005
[3] Mekkanixx (10-songs) *2005
[4] Mekkanixx Vol. 2 (10-songs) *2005

Email me at: therealjdstrange@aol for more information.

My new "Selftitled" album is finished (January 13th 2006). posted: 16 Jan 2006 12:51 AM
My new "Selftitled" album is finally finished after much time spent on the project. It features 7 new songs including a 17-minute long ballad called "Night Creatures Dancing Under A Full Moon". This new album sounds nothing like anything I've ever created before. It's more Progressive, Minimal, and Industrial oriented than my previous IDM, Ambient, Hard Techno affiliated projects such as "PiK-NiK", "Jibberish", or "A Compilation of Traxx". It takes you to a whole new level. An uncharted one at that. "Something entirely new and different". (Jd. Strange) Track Listing: 1. Midnight Stalker [5.47] 2. Paranoia - Euphoria [2.44] 3. The Swinger [4.55] 4. Skitzophrenik [8.37] 5. The Mechanical Human [8.25] 6. Inside The Madman [6.15] 7. Night Creatures Dancing Under A Full Moon [17.05] :::: 53 - minutes long in album duration :::: You can talk to me personally by sending me an instant message: (I'm always interested in what other people have to say).