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DJ Henry Hacking

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DJ Henry Hacking
DJ Henry Hacking Bio:

'The most exciting funky house duo to emerge from the UK in the past 12 months'
Michael Fernandes - Pinnacle Promotions- U.S.A
'Fantastic funky house and unmatchable energy... one's to watch'
Jochen Pash, Tenor Records - Germany
'Duo of the night goes to the Beatthiefs, who look set to become very big. Already playing across the country and Europe, they gave the funky room that special touch and completely rocked the joint.' Prudence Fiddy, IDJ magazine

Ministry of sound, London
Rouge, London
Firehouse, London
Turnmills, London
Copyright club, London
Iniquity, Brighton
Flicks, Sleaford
Club M, Newmarket
The Fez, Cambridge
The Junction, Cambridge
Po na na, Regional
The Corn Exchange, Ipswich
Zest, Ipswich
Route, Colchester
Liquid, Peterbourgh


MoS radio Frequent Guest mixers
Galaxy FM, Riley & Durrant Nu Breed show
Vibe FM, Vinyl Decadence
Outline Magazine, England
IDJ Magazine, Worldwide
Swiss DJs Radio - Switzerland
Smirnoff Radio - Canada
Klublife Magazine - Toronto Canada
Music Industry Manual 2005/06

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