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The Mexicolas

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The Mexicolas
The Mexicolas Bio:

Mexicolas are;

Jamie Evans - Vocals / Guitars / Keyboard
Del Carter - Bass / Double Bass
Tim Trotter - Drums / Percussion

The band count The Police, QOTSA, Mark Lanegan, Jason Falkner, Wes Montgomery and The Stranglers as a few of their influences, although The Mexicolas write truly original music that have deep and powerful melodies, with a wise, soulful voice that belies the band’s years. The Mexicolas repertoire stretches from heart-wrenching ballads to fiery rock numbers, and Jamie can’t wait to share them…

“...Really, I would love the songs to be heard on a massive scale, whilst staying true to myself. I only ever want to write honest believable songs...”

Expect to be moved, excited, impassioned and above all pleasantly surprised by their debut offering.

By Suzanne Azzopardi

Most 24 year olds are at work right now trying to figure out where their youth and their dreams went. Not Jamie Evans. He has recently just formed his own new band The Mexicolas, and wants the world to hear some of his music.

Jamie moved to Germany at the age of 2 (his father was posted there in the armed forces). In a strange country, with no friends his age, he bonded with his father’s guitar instead. By the age of 6 he was a fledging guitarist.

“It was a really miserable time for me. I overcame the sheer boredom of being in a foreign land by learning to play the guitar. I just picked it up and wrote songs all the time....”

He moved back to the UK 10 years later and joined a performing arts school in his native hometown of Huddersfield, and having fronted various bands all around Yorkshire and the North East he eventually decided to stay in one place and make music again of his own. Jamie heard about an amazing drummer called Tim Trotter who was living and performing out in South Africa at the time and heard he was moving back to England via a mutual friend and decided to arrange to meet up with him soon after he’d arrived back. Jamie then put his feelers out to seek a 3rd member to complete the line up and found out about a bass player called Del Carter who was living and performing with various Midland outfits at that time, having watched Del perform just once was enough for him to arrange for all 3 to meet straight afterwards, after having met, they just clicked instantly… Mexicolas were born and now call Birmingham their home.

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