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People In A Box

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People In A Box
People In A Box Bio:

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BIO: Todays modern American music scene consists of pop vocalists, acoustic songwriters and alternative rockers, among other predictable prototypes. These musical styles have been recycled over the past few decades, as the ebb and flow of popular culture deemed appropriate. No one discounts the contribution of such genres to the development of contemporary sound; however, little has been done to extend beyond that which is familiar. The vision of Kurt Kirton is to do just thatto perpetuate a non-traditional form of music that is innovative, inspirational and that draws people together.

Kirton cut his teeth on the smooth grooves of the 70s and the synthesizer-inspired 80s. The early 90s produced a genre that had already taken flight in Europe, and thus Kirtons love of dance/club music was born. This music combines multiple influences, mainly pop and electronica, to create a sound that is beat-driven and highly danceable.

"Its almost a subculture because of its connection to the rave scene," Kirton comments. "Dance/club is the predominant form of music in Europe and is embraced by so many countries due largely to the fact that its versatile appeal brings people together." A hardcore fan of the burgeoning genre, Kirton recorded and produced his first dance song in 1997. About the same time, he formed the group People in a Box, named after an 80s song performed by Farrell and Farrell, early pioneers of the electronica movement

"Founding the group and serving as its lead vocalist quickly reaffirmed my passion for dance music," Kirton remarks. "The sensation and dynamic of moving people at a concert or on the dance floor is so rewarding. Theres nothing like having a crowd get into the music youve so meticulously crafted."

The groups musical style, however, is not the only element designed to move its audience. Kirton pens songs about experiences that are relevant to his audiences everyday existence. His lyrics remain positive with an inspirational tone intended to uplift and encourage the listener.

"Most of my songs are about love, relationships, whatever inspires me at that particular time," says Kirton. "Theyre not meant to be complicated or philosophical, just relevant and meaningful." Songs like "The Power of Love" originated out of his experience as a volunteer staff member at a teen outreach organization. The chorus rings "When you live it/When you give it/You will know the power of love." It communicates a simple yet important message: you get what you give.

People in a Box proved to be a successful endeavor for Kirton, as the groups first album, Digital Ignition, released in 2000 to critical acclaim as well as radio airplay in the U.S. and abroad. Between recording new songs and full-time employment, the band performs whenever possible.

Kirtons devotion to popularizing dance/club music, a sound recently adopted by music veterans like Cher and Madonna, is far from waning, as his latest material is extremely energetic with thick programming and close attention to arrangement. All the while, his mission and objective remain clear: "If I can provide an alternative to the empty content of dance music and in the process impart hope and invitation to the listener, Ive had the opportunity to serve people at a higher level."

--Mandy Collinger

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