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Todd McLaughlin

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Todd McLaughlin
Todd McLaughlin Bio:

Todd McLaughlin is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter who has been playing the piano since he was five. His dream is to be signed to a major record label. Todd's favorite songs to write are those that express the joy of life and the heartbreak of lost love.

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I wrote this song specifically for an 'American Idol' mock-up at my high school. During that time, a wonderful relationship I was in came to an end and after sitting down at the piano, God poured this song into me. I ended up winning the competition at my school, which made my wallet $50 heavier, and then was encouraged to record it and distribute it.

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I began writing this song sitting in Spanish III class midway through my junior year. The verse came to me first, which is rare because usually the chorus comes first. Lacking notation paper and afraid that I'd forget the melody, I asked my teacher if I could go play the piano, and she agreed! Definitely a God thing. I sat down and played my first verse and the chorus just came to me. The piano riffs came a few day later when I needed something unique. I still think they are overused in the recording, but that can always be fixed later.
What's it about? The first verse is the emphasis on non-desirable rainy days and is simply a delusion. The second verse highlights the extreme joy of being alone with your wife.

Notice how I said 'wife'. The idea of the song is that the two are married. For a side-note, the words in the chorus used to be:

Rainy Day, the sun ain't shining on me
Lazy Day, in bed with you watching TV

The first time I played it for my mom, she goes, "It sounds great, Todd, but I'm confused about some of the words."
So she made me read them to her.
Her: "It sounds like they're sleeping together."
Me: "They're married."
Her: "Change the words."
Me: "OK"
Pretty much that simple, so instead of 'in bed with you watching TV', it's 'alone with you watching TV'

But I told her, "As soon as I'm married, I'm changing it back!"