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The Stranded

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The Stranded
The Stranded Bio:

We were formed in 2002 .Our sole purpose was getting enjoyment from writing and recording original songs in a home studio environment.It is hoped that the material we are creating would strike a chord with the general public at large.It would be great to know that listeners out there get a buzz from the hard work and commitment that was necessary to complete the projects.Music is a universal language and I personally derive enormous satisfaction when a song we have written touches a chord of lifes experiences.The artist relies on this to vindicate his/her work.We have only just begun to explore our capabilities.We find it hard to describe how we sound like.There are snippets of influences and our songs we would like to think are individualistic in style to not be boring.Most of all we just wanna have fun.

Should you take the time to listen to any of our songs we would appreciate your comments and also who you think we sound like.

The members include:- Michael Corbitt-lead singer,harmonies,keyboards,lyricist and composer.I am also involved in the mixing and mastering process of the albums.Have been out of the band scene for a while focusing on original material but have performed solo on occassions at weddings and private functions.

Joe Quennell-harmonies,electric lead/rhythm,acoustic guitar,bass,keyboards and co-composer.Joe has performed extensively for over 10yrs in a live band where he was lead singer for the more rocky numbers and is in his own right a very competent lead singer.

John Woodhouse-(first 2 albums)harmonies,electrilead/rhythm,acoustic,bass,piano,keyboards and co-composer.John studied at the conservatory for violin and is a competent musician both in theory and practical.He has been in numerous bands throughout the years.

Other musician friends of Strange Worlds.

Gary Johnson(Pianist) a friend contributed on "Ilove you girl"

Simon Le Serve(lead & Rhythm Guitarist)
Another close friend co-composed 5 songs with M.Corbitt and was instrumental in cover design art work.

Nick Spiliopolous(lesd and Rhythm Guitar) has had minor input in albums.

Feel free to review our songs.Points of view are of interest to us.

New Songs posted: 21 Jul 2005 03:24 PM
Hi, We will be uploading some songs from the "Blackhouse" Album within the week. Please return to check them out.

posted: 24 May 2005 04:46 AM
Strange Worlds at isounds- Strange Worlds now up to #4 in top 100 unsigned artists,#6 top downloads with 1918 site views,1274 total plays for 24/5

Welcome to Strange Worlds posted: 16 May 2005 08:57 AM
Welcome to Strange Worlds music.We hope your visit to this site is a rewarding experience and get as much pleasure listening to our songs as we had in creating them. Dont hesitate to contact us on any issue.We'd love to hear from you.