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big cheif killa

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big cheif killa
big cheif killa Bio:

In recent years, the hip hop world in general has overlooked the state of South Carolina as a source of talent for the industry. Never Faded Records was founded by Akili McClam (aka big cheif killa)and Mary McFarlin in 2002 to remedy this situation. Based in Kingstree, SC, the talented artists behind Never Faded represent the best of what South Carolina Hip hop has to offer. While many other unsigned artists and independent labels in the state choose to emulate the sounds of New York and other state, NFR has always had a unique and truly "southern" sound from the first Carolina Cartel release on the label, "This is How We Do It" (2002), to 2003's "One Mo Gain", all the way up to their most recent release, M-Clan's "Blood's Thicker Than Water" (2005).

The backbone of Never Faded's unique southern sound is it's very own in-house production team, N.F. Productions. killaman (aka big cheif killa) is a producer with a style all his own. with the abillaity to create styles ranging from ,bounce, hardcore hip hop, to RnB. With production on 6 lp in the the last two years. killaman definitily have the skills to pay the bills.

M-CLAN,is comprized of four family members big cheif killa,razer lace, cool steve,jeff dog. their debut lp "blood's thicker than water" details life in South carolina from their point view. the lp is uniuqe in the many ways, the overall sound is definitily new and fresh. they made it thier point to not sound like no one else but, to put out a style that no matter where you from people that is music is from South carolina.

Pressently we have severel projects in the works, Killaman debut lp "the cheif" is scheudled for june 2005 release. Lace (razer lace) solo RnB LP (not title as yet) is scheudled for august 2005 .M-CLAN's "blood's thicker than water pt2" is also scheudled for august 2005.

NFR staff

Akili .S McClam
President and CEO

Mary W. McFarlin
Vice President
in charge of
Artist develement

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