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Steve Stefanowicz

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Steve Stefanowicz
Steve Stefanowicz Bio:

Wrap yourself up in a honey-sweet tenor voice, and thrill to the rich guitar work. His fans have dubbed him "the human jukebox", he claims he knows over a thousand "cover" songs. But that's not the only thing he knows.

A consummate showman, Steve Stefanowicz knows how to delight audiences with his unique blend of acoustic guitar, soaring vocals and sharp wit.

Steve has been blind since birth. He began playing the guitar at age twelve and studied classical and jazz at Central Washington University. His musical influences include James Taylor, BB King, Bonnie Raitt and Black Sabbath. His performances feature both original music and ďcover tunest that keep the crowd smiling.

Steve's projects have included Blind Ambition, Rock Slide, Smilin Jack, and the current Steve Stefanowicz Band. His eight CD releases include Vortex Bluz, Lies My Sister Told You, and On The Feast Of Steven, which have all received regional radio attention. He has performed with Lou Rawls, Sam Andrews' Holding Company, Blue Spark, Junkyard Jane, The Groovin Higher Jazz Orchestra, and local jazz guitarist Michael Powers. Steve has also shared billing with Savoy Brown, Kansas and Elvin Bishop. He was named "Blues Man of the Year", at the 1998 Tacoma Blues Festival.

In March of 2003 the Steve Stefanowicz Band was selected out of a field of hundreds to be featured on the nationally syndicated ďLocals Onlyt on the WB Network.

In the summer of 2004 Steve released his first solo studio album, "Time". Steve's comments on the project:

"With the release of this disc I am tapping into a part of myself that I had forgotten about for many years. As you may or may not know, Iíve been a professional musician since September of 1991. Iíve been doing cover tunes for a large majority of that time to keep food on the table for myself, and those in my life. Iíve felt that playing cover songs has always been a way to fill up my tip jar and keep the club owners happy.

In the fall of 2002, I became aware that people were beginning to request my original songs in the clubs. I avoided playing them at first because I didnít want to risk annoying people who came to my gigs wanting to hear James Taylor and the like. But after playing a few tunes of my own, the response was shocking and very welcome. In the fall of 2003, I began recording a few of these tunes as home demos and liked them a lot. Iím not quite sure when the idea to release these versions of these songs as a project actually came to fruition but Iím glad that it did. Iíve gone back and recorded tunes that I had forgotten about and loved it. The oldest tune on the disc was written in July of 1984 and the newest was written in April of 2004. Wow, thatís twenty-year span!"

Steve lives in Tacoma, Washington with his 5-year-old son, Michael and his cat, Mr. Pibb.

"Share The Rage" » Alternative Country 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Rich in metaphor, Share The Rage tells the story of a man struggling with a difficult relationship. Rich vocal harmonies and delicate acoustic guitar enhance the somber mood of this journey into indecision. Co-written by John Messina of Smilin' Jack.    

"Catch The Wind" » Alternative Country 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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This song was written after a wonderful spring vacation to the beach. I learned to fly kites during our stay, came home, and wrote "Catch The Wind".