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R.E.V. Ali

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R.E.V. Ali
R.E.V. Ali Bio:

R.E.V. Ali is from Los Angeles california, Baldwin Hills section.
Ali was born January 18th 1971, to his mother Yvonne P.Orange.
Ali's mother had a great collection of records, from Duke Ellington to Quincy Jones.
Ali would act like he was one of the artist he would listen to, and perform for his mother and friends and family.
Ali started pop locking, and also a dance called the BOP and he later became a
big fan of the Jackson Five.
Ali listened to all genres of music and was really good of playing a great
selection of songs for his mother.
Ali started writing poems, to love letters to girls and then R & B lyrics.
When he herd a Kurtis Blow rap song, that was it, he was into Hip Hop.
Later came a ganster rapper named King T, and rapper The DOC,
Ali was able to meet and became friends with all three, a blessing for a
youngster in west Los Angeles.
Ali Had a friend named Quinten, who thought how to rap in 1983, and he
kept it up.
Ali had moved a little up north to North Hollywood, Ca and found a great friend
and DJ/ producer DJ Aladdin, who was a member of a rap group that WC was
in, called Low Profile.
Aladdin showed expossed Ali to the music, production, the buisness and
the whole hip hop game.
Ali was able to meet Ice T, Easy E, a big street promoter named Scotty D.
Ali had a chance to see the whole Hip Hop world, and knew one day he'd
make his mark.
Ali was not a gangster, and so he started to change his rap lyrics,
from gangster rymes to gospel raps with the blessings of all the singned
artist he knew.
Ali now has recorded several gospel rap songs, he writes his own rymes,
and the tracks come from producers whom basicly gave Ali the tracks,
cause they feel that they're doing GOD's work by helping Ali.
Ali will aways have a new gospel rap song, no matter what.
Ali is working weekly on new songs and is praying the record industry
will one day give him a chance to spread the message of GOD and
spiritual common sence with the world.

Real love posted: 09 Apr 2005 11:52 PM
Real love is what GOD gives us. I can't say this enough. We must all spread real love to one another everyday, and also help one another to prosper. I love GOD, and I love you.