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The LIGHT Bio:

* Insight : THE LIGHT -- A Rocumentary *

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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, as we take a journey into the powerful force of Positive music. So, open your eyes and feel it in your heart, as we travel out of the darkness and into "THE LIGHT".

THE LIGHT is a Techno-Spiritual Rock band that thrives on a brand of music not heard till this time! The term that is heard most often about THE LIGHT is "Great"!! A band that has it's own identity, THE LIGHT is "THE" BAND of the Future... The proof of this statement is in listening to the music of THE LIGHT!

Formed in 1986 as a Power-Trio that is well-defined, THE LIGHT does not fit the stereotype rock bands of the past. Guitarist Terry Cooksey has long been known as one of the finest innovative guitarist of our time. His hard-driving power-chords and amazing "LIGHTNING-SPEED" guitar rides have served to distinguish 'LIGHT' guitarist Terry Cooksey from his contemporaries.

Add to that, the 'High-Energy' drumming of Scott Richard Manthey, and you have THE LIGHT, in the "genesis" mode/ the beginning!!!

Add to that Bassist Sandra Cooksey in June 1987, and you have the compatible Rock-Trio of THE LIGHT.

Guitarist Terry Cooksey and Drummer Scott Richard Manthey have been writing and rehearsing together since 1981. THE LIGHT was officially formed in June of 1986, although the current 'LIGHT" threesome began in June of 1987. Many bass players were auditioned between 1981 and 1987, but no serious musician could be found.

Since no serious musician could be found to play bass, guitarist Terry Cooksey decided to prove the attitude of area musicians as pitiful, and arrogantly "cocky". So he began teaching Sandra how to play bass guitar. At first it seemed 'far out' to both Sandra and Terry. But as time went on, Sandra improved rapidly, to say the least! Take into consideration that THE LIGHT's song list contains 65 songs by Rock's premier band RUSH, and Sandra's achievement of filling the bass guitar slot for the band is truly remarkable. How she was able to perfect so many intricate bass parts to so many complex songs in a matter of months, is quite awesome. When you come to realize that she had never even held a guitar until June 1987, one plainly sees that the aura of THE LIGHT is one of mystical source.

Such songs as SIGNS AND PROPHETS, and INTO THE LIGHT, head-up the band's forte of original songs. SIGNS AND PROPHETS is a rocking song, with explosive guitar and interesting, unpredictable drumming holding the ear of the listener, while the message of the song is delivered!!!!!

INTO THE LIGHT is an invitation for all listeners to leave their present state, and join with the band the light of THE LIGHT. This change of 'state of consciousness' is a constant theme in their music.

MY MUSIC IS OF THE FUTURE speaks for itself. So much music is patterned in the redundant ruts of the past. But, this sparkling song of Techno-Rock complexity spells out their divorce from the same old rehashed songs that continue to congest the music scene. Their music is not of the past, their music is of the future, capturing us in the present, and taking us on a musical journey into the future.

The most "commercial" sounding songs are WE WILL BE FREE, PEOPLE WON'T LISTEN, and TALK TO ME. WE WILL BE FREE carries the clear positive theme of Freedom in music and in life. To listen to this song will certainly cause us to- come along for a ride, to a place where WE WILL BE FREE, in the music of THE LIGHT.

PEOPLE WON'T LISTEN is a hard-rocking song about betrayal. It points to the destruction caused by pretenders, who disguise their bigotry behind their fake smiles and empty use of the name of God and Love. PEOPLE WON'T LISTEN enjoyed radio airplay on Jonesboro's 100,000-watt station KJBR Power 102!

TALK TO ME just seems to be a song that pulls out all the stops and never let's up from beginning till end. The ever-present lightning guitar rides make this "commercial stew" a flamed-broiled special.

WHERE I'LL FLY is a song of distinction. The flamboyant drum style of Scott Richard Manthey is sure to catch the attention of "tomorrow's" drummers. The slashing syncopated drum sound gives this song a rare character. In this song, Scott Richard Manthey seems to say "excuse me while I take you on a drum-kit excursion of unprecedented proportions".

ASTRAL TRAVELER is a slow song about a space traveler, who travels the galaxies from planet to planet. ASTRAL TRAVELER is just another example of the diversity of the sound produced by THE LIGHT.

LIVE WIRE is an instrumental that features a balance of sound between the rock three-some, exhibiting shades of jazz and a "zip" ending all it's own!

CRY FREEDOM speaks of the total injustice of the world, and gives that awe-inspiring essence of Peace,Love,and Brotherhood so many of us have dearly cherished during our lives. A special answer for us is given at the end of the last verse! So, listening to CRY FREEDOM, along with the other 'LIGHT' tunes, could change your life for the better. The POSITIVE SPIRIT behind their music makes THE LIGHT a deep breath of fresh air in today's stale world of music!!!

THE LIGHT writes and produces all their original tunes, as well as engineering, recording, and mixing their songs in their own home recording studio - Light Recording Studio.

Together, the three members of THE LIGHT have a total of 80 years of music experience. Their former bands include Justin Thyme, Razeredge, Pendragon, Last Chance Band, and Duece. These bands have taken them to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, and all over the state of Arkansas.

When asked about their musical influences, drummer Scott Richard Manthey lists his as: The Guess Who, Chicago, Blood,Sweat and Tears, Led Zepplin, Deep Purple and most of all RUSH, and drummer extraordinaire Neal Peart.

Bass player Sandra Cooksey admits that her greatest influence has been 'LIGHT' Guitarist Terry Cooksey, as well as Geddy Lee and 'YES' bassist Chris Squire. RUSH is overwhelmingly Sandra's favorite band.

RUSH, too, is the dominating influence of guitarist Terry Cooksey. His other main influences include : Steve Howe of YES, Jeff Beck, Todd Rundgren, Brian May of Queen and Jimi Hendrix. Terry was influenced when he first began playing music, back in the mid 60's, by : The Beatles, Grand Funk, Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, and Black Sabbath.

Some of the bands that all three members of THE LIGHT listens to today are : Whitesnake, Triumph, Zebra, Asia, GTR, Eric Johnson, Living Colour, Tora Tora, and Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe. They still like to kick back and listen to the music that has so heavily made the past a time to remember always!!

Over the past 12 years The LIGHT has been busy recording and doing video work in their own studio. After being turned down by every major record company, The LIGHT decided to succeed without the status quo Music Industry. Although the music industry called The LIGHT "great musicians....", they stated that "musicianship was only a small part of music." - Jody Stephens Manager of Tora, Tora - Ardent Studios.
So, Guitarist Terry Cooksey began learning many highly technical skills on computers and has now completed the course that has enabled The LIGHT to be able to succeed without the so-called Music Industry.

So! There you have it--insight into the Band of the future - THE LIGHT. They will lead us as Pioneers, into one musical adventure after another, during this decade, as their music will influence us beyond the year 2004!!!!!!!

You will hear more and more about

***THE LIGHT ***

Band of the Future

They must be reckoned with !

.........The LIGHT can only insist that YOU will join us..........and... Let the Music Do the Talking !

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PEOPLE WON'T LISTEN is a hard-rocking song about betrayal. It points to the destruction caused by pretenders, who disguise their bigotry behind their fake smiles and empty use of the name of God and Love.    

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Guitar solo - Terry Cooksey with his BC Rich and Guitar Rig