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The history of maximum penalty spans back to the early days when David McNicholas, Craig Pedley and Robert Smith formed a band called "the midgets in suits" although nothing came of it due to the unlikely timing of Rob breaking his arm. After Rob had healed they began learning cover songs of bands such as Blink 182, the darkness and good charlotte. Gradually they began to become confident in what they were doing and in so enlisted the help of vocalist Sean Hutton. The band then took a turn and decided they wished to cover a variety of songs yet this would need another guitarist so in stepped Davidís brother Craig McNicholas who had been helping from the sidelines from day one. The band fixed their ideals on a band known as Sum 41 and quickly learnt many covers of the band. Although at this time Seanís commitments were lacking so as the first official firing from the band Sean took leave. The band then decided to restart afresh after changing their name and assigning Craig as vocalist / guitarist they learnt the Sum 41 songs anew. This time they achieved a higher degree of perfection than was able before and played there first gig with covering Sum 41 at street fest 2004. After this the band decided to start writing original material and have thus far wrote a number of originals created by various band members. Then the band took an unlikely turn of events commitments were again lacking but by band member Craig Pedley. In the end the decision the band came to, was to sign Jack Kirk as new drummer due to his 4 years of experience. Unforeseen to the band another mix up was on the horizon this time with nothing to do with any remaining band members but from another band. We were contacted by an American hardcore band called "Maximum Penalty" they said they had trademarked the name and had proof of this so now the most recent event is that we have changed our name to Maximum-Penalty. Yes the dash makes it 100% legal to let us keep rocking. And this is the band history thus far.

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This song was written 30 mins before a gig with no practice and wepulled it off, ever since it hjas stuck with us.