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Dontae Dynamite

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Dontae Dynamite
Dontae Dynamite Bio:

Why this name?
I went through so many name changes it's ridiculous. I started out with the name "Illuminati". I quickly changed the name cause the majority of people linked the name to "Don Kuluminati".aka.Tupac. There was nothing wrong with that but I did'nt want to be seen as an identity thief.I've always been fascinated with how close the music game and the pimp game is so similar.I named myself after Willie Dynamite from the movie(only a few know about it,it was'nt very popular).I was working on an album with a Southside Richmond rapper named Hazardous.aka.Copo. Me and Copo had a crazy musical vibe and he suggested that I should use my name in the place of Willie. Everybody that knows me calls me "Donte". It was in that fall of 2002 I chose the name "dontae dynamite"

Do you play live?
I'm not a performing artist.I usually stick to producing the tracks.If I feel like it I may sing falsetto on a hook or do a quick verse.Right now I have only had the luxury of working with local artist(Richmond VA) but I,m trying to change that in the near future.
Just to let you know I love this music thang.I'm gonna ride this til the end.
As for a special moment,I would have to say when I actually saw an artist I collaborated with perform their song to one of my tracks live at a club.I looked into the crowd to see the reaction,
They were dancing and nodding thier heads.At that moment I was higher than the atmosphere.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet have definitely changed the game.It allows people to make connections that otherwise would have been prevented by geographical distances.

Would you still sign a record contract with a major label?
I would sign with a major if the opportunity presented itself.The expectations would have to be along the lines of a producers album with many guest appearances.

Band History:
I have been an aspiring producer since 1998.

Your influences?
Like most great music makers I have a broad range of musical influences. My all-time overall personal favorite influence is DJ Quik. After I heard the Safe&Sound album, I decided that I wanted to make music seriously. Teddy Riley is my primary influence when it come to my R&B production.I'm a serious fan of the G-Funk so any one who can do it well is a definite influence.I can't forget to say that I am without a doubt influenced by the VA Dream Team....The Neptunes...Timbaland and Nottz.

Favorite spot?
My favorite spot would be the studio....whether it's mine or someone elses. It does'nt matter as long as I'm working on some good music.

Equipment used:
I currently use the following for composing:
Roland MC909
Korg Triton
Korg Trinity
Yamaha Motif 6
Alesis QS6
I my personal studio I use a Roland VS 2400 to record my vocals on.Samson C03 mic, HBB Radius Tube Preamp/Compressor and BBE Sonic Maximizer.

Anything else...?
I'm looking for some quality artist to work with on thier albums.If you're interested holla at me.

"Line of Fire" » Instrumental 2 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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(Hip-Hop/Soul Joint)This instumental has a Kanye West/T.I. feel to it. If you wanna use this free track on ya album ,holla at me.    

"After the Party" » Instrumental 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Dontae Dynamite - After the Party  » play hi-fi
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(Hip-hop Soul joint)This track has a jazzy feel good vibe. I decided to make it something to dance to.
If you wanna use it on your album at no cost,get at me!