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Well done, u lucky f**ker!!!

You've stumbled upon this site.

You could call this place "Lamph-central". We aren't gonna go around plugging this site. This is just for people who were interested enough to go looking for more Lamph-o-stuff on their own initiative.

And as it turns out, if that's what you were looking for, then indeed you've hit the jackpot!!! This site will be updated every month on the 7th of the month. (Yes 7 is our favourite number!)

You will find stories here straight out of L'aisleageland, and also plenty of opportunities to learn more of our language... but most importantly, we will be uploading rare demos & sneak previews of upcoming song releases. Anything we ever do, you'll hear about it here first!!! Just be sure to check our BLOG for those monthly updates.

This is one of the 7 official Lamph websites. It is Lamphsite #3.

I challenge you to find all 7 of 'em.
(Here's a headstart for u:-

I reckon #7 is the hardest one to find... however you'll know it when u find it, because "official" and "#7" will be written on it!!! (There are a few unofficial Lamph sites too, like Artistopia, Xafus, and but don't let them put u off the trail!)

Oh and by the way in case you are interested in this kind of thing, consider the following...

PART FIVE:- But she knew there was something wrong -ever since the night that the evil "Fair as a star" picture cracked, the presence started seeping in, ebbing and flowing like the tides.
She felt it strengthening all the time especially when listening to evil music, or speaking of the occult. And even when she was making up the chorus of "Schoolgirls from hell" she had to leave the room as she felt she was feeding it, giving it power over her.

UPT KXU:- Man cyando railoth une gool ar da grittlites de Brownstown Bonk. Da Murphys lobloth atme lamankier gawks ro seyev. Mr. Hogan saihlleairs tairo uvataite ablindloth askyon oth 'da farphlan' (umscillah rahsum adin an ha 'da barko'...) facht zoom ar aisles desole, hiphop deations. Mrs. Eddie uvloth da unwrunest de saihlle. Da-sihr scrartscrairo varoom sork perlfi first de da nite aschivon guitar sihr gehokrokeokeeheihicalstructure, acuspatton ar lays auditorium morf cyurn an cyurn... ate ro da kxu de mherican scrartscrairo raphnack berri laksterical gawks undher ca rahsule tove. Ar tirk shrhih uvloth auvataiton une upt braisleage kiddleediveitu ro seyev. (Jusden ma lay scrartscrairo rai...)

(Hmm, the plot thickens...)

"Not Fade Away" » Spiritual 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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The next song... is about a boy and a girl, a little boy and a little girl, around 10 years old, and they're best of friends and they go everywhere together. Suddenly, the boy goes across, say, the moors of England and never comes back!!! And the girl can't live without him. This song is about her misery. It's called, "Not Fade Away"    

"My lust will go on" » Easy Listening 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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There's more to us than magazines and dance routines and teenage dreams!!!    

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We are not part of a cult.
We are not trying to convert or brainwash anyone.
We do not endorse the catholic (or any other) church.

This song exists because we believe the *basic message* of Christianity (love thy neighbour as thyself) is f**king spot on, and is v. relevant in a world where people are always "too busy" and value money & achievement above all.

Don't be afraid of us because you think we're Jesus freaks- :angel: -We're not!

Don't hate us coz you think we're evil- :devil: -We're not.

We're just ordinary people who can spot a decent life-affirming message even when it is mumbled, ignored, and abused by the people who claim to live by it!

"Dream Away (The Ash orchestral mix)" » Spiritual 2 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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It MUST be the point of your lifetime.
It must be the light in your eyes. 8)

It's just another dream away,
So dream away your life...