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A#Sharp Bio: - "Welcome to the website of: A#Sharp" - The Official Site of A#Sharp

A#Sharp, billed as "South Jersey'z Finest", is a hip hop jack of all trades. Rapping, playing keys, producing, song writing (including ghost-writing) are all embodied by this artist. A#, short for Akil Sharp, was born to a disc jockey father and a mother who writes poetry. He claims to have been rapping since age seven, writing his first song entitled "The Dumbest 600". Apparently Akil was partial to the Nintendo Entertainment System, and wrote the song as a dis to the Atari 2600 gaming system.

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How did you come up with your name? posted: 15 Aug 2004 09:17 PM - "Welcome to the website of: A#Sharp" - The Official Site of Akil Sharp The name "Akil Sharp" comes from A#'s original birth name, which included the middle name "Akil". The "Sharp" came about from an "old lady in church [that] said [he] always looked sharp." The line stuck with him and eventually he just put the Akil and Sharp together. It also has a musical significance. Some non-musicians (and musicians too for that matter) don't realize that "#" is a musical sharp sign. "Some people ask me what does A-number-Sharp mean? They think it's a number sign, or the pound symbol, or tic-tack-toe or something. It's a sharp sign, people, you know, the same note as a b-flat?..." e-mail: