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Rafael Gomez

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Rafael Gomez
Rafael Gomez Bio:

Rafael comes from a small farm community in Iowa... even from a young age he has always had an interest in music... in school he played the saxaphone and the guitar... only to put that all aside for many years... only to find a guitar back in his hands... always have some struggle with it his friend had strung it upside down for a lefty for him to play.. and sure enough he fell in love with his six string beauty... and has never been seen without it since... He has been traveling these past couple of year playing where ever he could play whether it was in a park.. on the street corner , subway... or on a stage.. he just love to do what he does... And he will never stop doing it...
I love music... I love to touch people with the lyric that I put out there... I want them to feel the love that have... or the saddness that they put away in a corner... or even to feel missed by the thing that they left behind... If I can touch just one person then I can go home Satisfied.... I hope you find something here that you like and can relate will... and in the days to come I will have more upload.. I'm in NYC right now playing so I don't have the resources to record at the moment.;. but keep checking back... I promise I will be here...

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