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Robin Gottfried

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Robin Gottfried
Robin Gottfried Bio:

Robin Gottfried grew up in Washington Heights, New York City where he graduated from the High School of Music & Art in 1970.

He immediately started his professional career as a singer/songwriter performing in bands that played all over the Northeast. Robin now performs with several bands in the Burlington, VT area where he has lived since 1978. He spends every available hour in his digital recording studio.

Robin released his first album in 1994, "Handwritten", a 2nd in 2000, entitled "Robin Gottfried and Friends", a 3rd in 2003, entitled "Carry You" and is now promoting his latest one, "Pelican Crash Dive". Robin has placed a couple of dozen songs with an international publishing firm.

Robin enjoys writing songs from different genres. He hopes you will enjoy his songs, too.

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