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Toxic One a.k.a. K-Loke

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Toxic One    a.k.a. K-Loke
Toxic One a.k.a. K-Loke Bio:

Toxic One Bio
The Group

The Webster’s Dictionary defines the word TOXIC as being harmful, destructive, or even deadly. This extraordinary mixture of styles describes the Rapper TOXIC ONE, a.k.a. Kane “K-Loke”. K-Loke is more than hip-hop. He would rather be looked at as family, abiding by the rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you“, that way he is able to look beyond the streets that have claimed the lives of so many before him. K-Loke has four basic rules he has followed for his success. They are as follows:

1) Think positive and find something to live for.

2) Focus on goals and work hard to achieve those goals.

3) Have an open mind whenever confronted with anything new, regardless
of what it is.
4) Look at all situations from a family’s point of view.

Next the formula for TOXIC ONE music:

Harmful - Toxic One is and will be harmful to other artist’s record sales.

Destructive - Toxic One can and will overcome any obstacle in his path.

Deadly - A young black man with common sense and street knowledge
to know where he has been and where he is going.

Toxic One is the new ingredient added to the distinct flavor of the South. K-Loke feels he’s been chosen to place South Carolina on the map of hip-hop excellence. Equipped with the gift of knowledge and the ability to cast that knowledge on to others, K-Loke is like a well trained soldier on a mission to take over the realm of hip-hop.

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This song is meant to relate to ALL HOOD flossing chrome. Wheather it be old school or new. If you got a ride with any chrome on it I'm a rep for you. From the wheelz to the BIG-O-Grillze.