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Karleigh aka K-LOVE

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Karleigh aka K-LOVE
Karleigh aka K-LOVE Bio:

Karleigh aka K-LOVE represents the west coast with a style and charisma all her own. Singing, rapping and writing all her own material, Karleigh is a perfect example of what a new millenium artist should be, versatile. As her alter ego K-LOVE she rips the hardest hip-hop tracks with a lyrical intensity not often seen in todays female emcee, however, Karleigh can still mellow it out using harmonizing beautiful, sultry melodies over smoothed-out R&B rhythms. Lyrically, she is a hip-hop force to be reckoned with, and an R&B voice u just have to listen to. Karleigh always has K-LOVE's back and vice versa, so as one entity she never falters.

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