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Cephalic Mortification

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Cephalic Mortification
Cephalic Mortification Bio:

Cephalic Mortification started back at about October of 2003. Originators Cory (vocals) and Snaw (guitarist) came up with the idea, because of past failed band attempts (Genocide Discord, Dawn of Baphomet, and a few others). This time, it started with just the 2. Other people would get in the way severely, thats why the other bands were failures. Nobody knew what they were doing.

Then Travis was invited in the band, as vocalist as well. We then finalized the song "Whore", and made it as a demo/single. Downloads went crazy.

Travis didnt work out so well, due to problems between him and the law. So he left the band.

After the song "Whore" was created, everything went up hill. We acquired Chris Piazza (second vocalist) in mid/late 2004, at a show, as we told everybody to jump up on stage, and do whatever the fuck they wanted.

He proved to us that there were fucked up people just as we are.

After a few shows, we decided to record the second demo, entitled "The Randomized Sperm Dischargements". Took us a month or so to get it all recorded. Recording took place mostly at Snaw's and Cory's houses, but some others were other peoples houses, and Chris' boat. Finally released the demo in later October/early November.

Now its a new year, 2005. More shows, more cds. Upcoming split cds. Our new released full length cd,
"Necro-Eroticism" in February. This will be the year of sickness and brutality unseen in Florida. Brutality never unleashed so far south of the United States.

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