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THE VeG Bio:

The Veg is a Denver based solo artist giving it all hes got to his art form: Trance-techno. Formally known as Marshal Arnold, The Veg is 24 years old born on 12/21/80 in Loveland Colorado. After graduating in 1999 from Broomfield High School he turned on a creative flow that just kept getting stronger. After dabbling for a few years with video production and editing he knew if he could just put his finger on it everything would come together. That happened the day he found Dream Station, an advanced beat making software program. That was August of 2001 and the extent of his musical experience at the time was only that he knew he loved it. Baby steps turned into leaps and bounds over the course of the next two years that followed, The Veg mastered the complex software that resulted in his debut album Digital Connection in 12/21/02. Everyone knows you cant get enough of a good thing and the album was re-released again on 07/10/03. This downtime allowed him to expand and hone his skills.

A small Denver independent film company known as Paper Cat Productions gave The Veg room to flex his innovative brain in new ways. He helped produce the feature length film The Monument and then went on to write the original score for the short Ghost Hunter. He continued on to explore his on air abilities with several successful radio commercials on KSIR 107.1. That summer he had the biggest breakthrough when he picked up Reason 2.5 by Propellerhead. Musical barriers became a thing of the past as the wheels started turning non stop and the result has been pure genius.

The master repositioned himself back to student and the work thus far has been flawless. It was time to really spread the word so he started by entering his art into contests (Music Master Works and Unisong International Song Contest). Although the feedback was encouraging he felt like his skills seemed to be at a plateau. As the music became more and more articulate so did the process. The tracks that seemed to write themselves before now seemed to lack the depth The Veg knew he was capable of. As does any laborious process it started to wear on The Veg and he almost hung up his spurs.

This tragedy was averted through the support of close friends that knew he wouldnt want them to let him give up. A quick visit to Guitar Center refreshed things for The Veg and got his hands on an M-Audio Radium 49 Midi Keyboard. This new tool picks up a huge portion of the slack. Just because The Veg composes as well as the likes of Beethoven doesnt mean he has to work as hard. Now instead of writing every piece of the music by hand he can really focus on the movements themselves to take things even higher.

His upcoming release VEG ALLEGIANCE (date to be announced) is going to put him on the map more than ever. In his own modest words: "After studying my genre of choice (Trance Techno) for quite a long time it became easier and easier to compose music that actually fits in that genre and sounds pro!"

So as we sit and wait patiently for the next installment which will have something for everyone with tracks like Sweet Dreams an old school favorite or his groundbreaking, heart pounding Dont Show Your Face we can only ponder his abilities in the meantime.

Check out the The Vegs website WAV Stain Productions as well as his very own live radio show on Promote every Monday from 7-9 PM MST.

More free music to download at Sound

Equipment includes the following:

Reason 2.5

Recycle 2.1

Mackie DFX 12 Mixer

M-Audio Radium 49 Midi Keyboard


13 four Productions

WAV Stain Productions


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