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Whitney Steele

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Whitney Steele
Whitney Steele Bio:

Whitney Steele came into the world with the passion and desire to create music at any cost. Having grown up in a small town in Arizona she searched to find something other than just hanging out with the same old kids in her neighborhood. It wasnt long before she realized she was happiest when she was in her room listening and singing along to Amy Grant, Cyndi Lauper, and Pat Benatars music. The beginning to Whitneys vision began at the age of 6, the day she sang in front of her first audience. The smiles and appreciation of the people in my church that Sunday is something I will never forget, says Whitney.

Though she loved singing to the familiar faces of her family, Whitney wanted more than just doing the traditional birthday song and tap dance for their birthdays once a year. It was only a few years later she landed her first role in the musical production of The Canterville Ghost. Up until the end of high school, Whitney continued to pursue musical theatre and starred in several roles inside of school and in various community theatres around town. She says, I knew I loved the stage but I was ready for a new direction so I began to write and sing my own music. You cant go wrong when your singing about what comes from your heart.

After graduation from high school in Phoenix, Whitney built a large and loyal following playing acoustic shows in coffee houses and bars. She attended Scottsdale Community College, with no intention to ever take another math class again. She studied voice and got serious about playing the guitar. One semester of college, even though she was studying what she loved, was all it took before she realized twelve dreadful years of school was more than enough. It was then Whitney packed up her car and with no regret she headed for L.A.

Since living in Hollywood since 2002, Whitney discovers who she is more and more each day. It was crazy the first couple of months here in L.A. Its like all the people I found that I thought I could make music with wanted to make something else. They must have known I was fresh off the bus or something, Whitney laughs. She quickly weeded out the weirdoes and was determined to stay true to her craft. While paying the rent with a variety of different day jobs and some memorable music gigs Whitney continues to focus on writing original material and discovering her unique voice as an artist.

Whitney is currently working with producer Scott Miller, Jeff Kanan & executive producer Steve Burdick as part of Westlake Recording Studios Artist Development Program. Whitney has a one in a million voice and personality! says Steve Burdick. Check it out at
Also check Whitney out at,, &

I have enjoyed every minute of my journey thus far and I am looking forward to whats in store for the future. -Whitney

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