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“We get more than our fair share of material from independent artists looking to break their material into the scene and even though a lot of material is just a lot of material, there is always that little bit that shines through on occasion to give us faith in opening the mail again”… RPM Weekly. The songs written by Toronto, Canada based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Cory Cyr are indeed just that. They’re aggressive, edgy, melodic and utterly contagious.

CYR’s music overflows with remarkable hooks, rock-solid musicianship, intense vocals and inexplicably witty lyrics, which leaves even the most sporadic listener wanting more. Best described as “aggressive, melodic alterno-pop”, CYR lends itself to such acts as Nirvana, The Cars, Neil Young and The Flaming Lips. CYR possesses a hard to find combination of pop sensibility and in your face aggression.

In the fall of 2004 Cory recorded his debut EP with producer Jordon Zadorozny at Jordon’s French Kiss Studio in Pembroke, Canada. Jordon, of Blinker The Star, has also worked with and produced Sam Roberts, Cheerleader, The Sonny Best Band, Hole, Fleetwood Mac, Melissa Auf Der Maur and Ken Andrews. The EP, performed in large by Cory with Jordon on drums, features songs that are very diverse in nature yet compliment one another’s tuneful and emotional peaks.

The debut CYR EP is being released independently in March 2005. The band is available to play shows with anyone… anywhere and anytime. Please contact Cory via phone or e-mail for any band inquiries. Also… visit the cyrmusic website @


Cory Cyr – Guitar/Vocals
Vitali Avsiannikov – Drums
Joe Caughey - Bass


Cory Cyr


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