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The Vibrants

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The Vibrants
The Vibrants Bio:

Who Are The Vibrants?

There are bands out there that don’t sound like everyone else.

If you trawl through all the Coldplay clones and Libertine dreamers you will find quality, hard working bands that make their own noise.

The Vibrants are living proof that bands like these exist. Their music has balls, it has anger, it wants more, it makes you want more, it has attitude and they perform exactly how their music sounds.

The Vibrants have been making all the right noises on the live circuit and overwhelming crowds up and down the UK. Someone said that “watching The Vibrants should come with a health warning. For half an hour you lose the power of speech, mobility and respiration.”

You get the feeling that The Vibrants believe in every beat that they hit, every note that they strum and every line that they sing. The sheer energy that comes from that stage is so contagious that you will believe in what they do too.

Formed in Twickenham, an area steeped in music history and tradition, The Vibrants follow in the footsteps of The Stones and The Who by writing well crafted original songs with dynamic melodies that engage the most discerning of ear. The lyrics are honest and up front and sung with passion and power by frontman Giles Farnham, whose voice has been compared to the young Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz.

Pete Townshend was one of the first to notice The Vibrants’ original sound and song writing ability and subsequently offered them studio time in his boathouse studios in Richmond upon Thames. The Demo found its way into the hands of Alan McGee, (Creation Records, Oasis, Libertines) who played it on Radio One’s ‘Death Disco’ show. McGee also put The Vibrants on the bill of two of his showcase nights; Death Disco at Notting Hill Arts Club and Queen Is Dead at The Borderline.

As well as these two shows, The Vibrants gigged solidly throughout 2004 and built up a good London fan base, playing at venues such as The Astoria, Rouge, Buffalo Bar and Bar Academy, Islington to name but a few. Probably the liveliest of these shows have been The Vibrants’ monthly residency at The Halfmoon in Putney. Carrie Davies, Promoter at The Half moon, has categorically said that The Vibrants are ”one of the best unsigned bands on the circuit” and named them ‘Gig of the Month’ for their Dec 17th 2004 show.

The Vibrants also played shows outside of the capital. The most memorably at Wills Hall, Bristol University and the surprise acoustic show supporting Badly Drawn Boy at Prohibition Bar in Manchester.

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