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It was a warm day in April (I think) when I decided to find out how to create a software studio and start making some music of my own. My searching led me to a program called Jeskola Buzz, where I spent much time creating songs. Buzz is free, but it still is pretty powerfull. I taught myself, with some help, how to work the strange system of buzz (well it seemed strange at the time, but in fact it's pretty easy)and eventually my songs got better. The next year, at school, my friend said he had met someone who owned a program called Reason. I had heard of this program, and how great it was, but I never would have bought it, considering it cost so much. But as luck would have it I was able to borrow it and try it out. Now I own it and have been using Reason ever since then. So baiscally that's my history. Yup.

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This is a really nice smooth Ibiza trance song that should leave you feeling good. I use lots of different sounds and some melodic guitars, with plenty of pads, done purely on Reason. No loops used.