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Wicca Basket

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Wicca Basket
Wicca Basket Bio:

We are a 2 member band that does not perform live due to this fact. We create industrial-esk music and have since 2002. We try to experiment as well with out sound and have put out one demo so far "Exhumed Sounds of the Endtimes" and are working on our next release "The Bees of Sodomy". Our sounds is extrodianry cause it dosen't fit "Industrial" tearms, the music is mixed to jump around alot and the vocals as well jump. They can go from gothic undertones to full detah metal grow without a change of beat. It's fun! So give it a listen! There is only one track on here, but more are scattered around the internt. Check the Homepage for more listings.

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Where does the time go if the clock eventually stops?