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Grady McAuliffe

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Grady McAuliffe
Grady McAuliffe Bio:

Grady is a singer/songwriter based out of Connecticut. His music is of a pop/rock style, ala Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Matchbox Twenty, etc. Gradys music career started at the age of 20 when he started up his own modern rock band Mind Tydes. In 1997 Mind Tydes had some early success when they won a battle of the bands contest hosted by a Hartford radio station (104.1). Mind Tydes was chosen out of 2,000 bands to compete and had to go through 3 rounds of live performances before taking the victory. This win not only gave them a lot of exposure through the station but also allowed them to open up on the main stage at Radio 104s music festival for Blondie, Better than Ezra, Our Lady Peace, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Local H, Echo and the Bunnymen, Moby, and more. Mind Tydes continued to play the tri-state area opening for Fuel at CBGBs in New York. Unfortunately due to personal matters the band went its separate ways in 2000.

Grady has continued to write his own music and occasionally play out in CT and Manhattan. In 2002 he started singing for a Tri-state cover band Side Show. Side Show has built a strong fan base playing packed clubs every weekend in CT, Long Island and Boston. They have been known to slip some of their original material in to the mix every now and then and have received some very positive feedback. For more information on Sideshow visit

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