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StateDancer Bio:

StateDancer were formed in Manchester and have been playing together in the current line-up since March 2004. Check us out at and

A fan of 'singles' bands such as XTC and The Smiths, guitarist and vocalist Robert Green says he has strived to be as imaginative in his approach to songwriting as the aforementioned artists.

"I loved the way you could be surprised by each new release and have a sense that in their love of music they could be brave enough to reinvent the wheel at the height of their career."

Matt and Rob met through a local theatre, doing music and acting in local productions. Similar tastes in music kept them working on songs together over a ten-year period. They have racked up plenty of live experience between them playing in different bands as well as on their own, and supporting numerous well-known Manchester bands such as The Stone Roses and The Fall. A song-writing partnership grew organically, along with friendship. Both are very enthusiastic about good songwriting and will be banging on your door to spread the Word of StateDancer.

When they met like-minded musical evangelists in “the Acid Pope” Nicole (drums) and “Arch-Minister“ Kirsty (bass), they made sacrifices in Marmiduke Matthew's cellar and have continued to create more than enough catchy miracles ever since. Hence people fall regularly into the spirit of their music at their enigmatic gigs all over Manchester.

The band’s favourite artists include Syd Barrett, Tom Waits, Frank Sinatra, Gil Scott Heron, Ben Folds, The Three o'clock, and the Kinks.

StateDancer’s music is an eclectic mix of styles that is constantly evolving and is not easily defined.

Variety is not a dirty word!

"Pastoral quirkiness from Manchester! Psychedelic melodies canoodle with poppier elements on the woozy 'Catching Tadpoles.' As its name suggests 'The Milkman Murders' is on a definite sinister tip. The League of Gentlemen would certainly approve."
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The title speaks for its self gtreat manchester music at its best!