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About Ivanjoy

Ivan and Joy now bring all their talent and experience to the new band Ivanjoy. Ivan and joy co-wrote the new album "Dedication" on the Mosa record label which brings together a blend of styles including pop, rock, country and latin. Ivanjoy worked hard on the production and arrangements to get the end product exactly as they wanted.


Ivan was born in Cuba on 24.11.1969. His dad gave him his first guitar when he was five years old and he was composing by the age of 6. Ivan moved into a music school when he was 9 years old. Having gained his degree from Cuba's foremost conservatory, Ivan began playing bass and keyboards with the first and most famous rock band in Cuba - Rodas. In 1994 Rodas won the best video in Cuba for their song "Es Amor". Rodas crowned their success with another hit in 1995 called "Donde Tu Estas". In 1996 Rodas were invited to play at a charity concert in Spain in the festival - Zaiden Rock 96. after which Ivan moved to Gran Canaria where he met Joy.


Talented singer, songwriter and musician Joy, is the lead singer of the incredible Ivanjoy as well as the co-writer for the album "Dedication".
Joy was born in Alicante, Spain and moved with her family to germany when she was five. She grew up speaking Spanish, German and English. It seemed a natural progression that as a music student, she began singing and writing in Spanish and English.

Joy's love for music at age 3 led her to learn to sing and play piano and guitar. She joined the music school choir and was soon spotted by the leader who encouraged her to sing solos. From here on, Joy was singing in lots of different bands learning her craft.

Joy toured around many parts of Europe including Ireland where she sang for a year before joining the Rhodas (Sweet Pepper band) where she met Ivan. The band toured all over the Canary Islands and performed on Spain's TV2 channel.

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