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Angel Wint
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I have been singing all of my life. First, in church in this choir or that one. Then I started focusing on my voice more in the seventh grade singing to artists like Mya. In high school is where I discovered the true passion I had for music. I spent the next three years of high school in choir and I did so many choir concerts, musicals, pep assemblies, staff meetings, classes, games and special groups that I lost track. At first, I wasn't really concerned about producing my own music but then a good friend of mine bought me my first piece of software, ACID 2.0. After I produced one song, I just couldn't get enough. It's fun to have total control over your work and created some music that surprises you sometimes. Now, here in college, I am still singing, writing and producing. Right now, I'm just singing any and everywhere trying to get my name out there. I still sing in any and every event that I can, you never know when that breakthrough mometn's going to be....

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All right, I can actually say Im very excited to bring this song to you. This is my first original collaboration with another AP artist in the person of Andre Felipe Santos ( Andre came up with the music for the song and I fell in love with the sound right away. It's an R&B cut with an electronica twist to it, a joint you could play anywhere. I wrote the lyrics then sang and arranged the song then Andre put the magic touch to it production wise. Overall, we are very happy with it and we're glad to share it with you......HIt me up for a high quality mp3 of this song.........