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Will Bailey

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Will Bailey
Will Bailey Bio:

After taking a forced break from music, Will Bailey's back to hand out some more of those lyrical journeys.
Born in 1971 in Blackpool, home of Europe's largest rollercoaster, UK, his main influences in music, Springsteen, Dylan, Garth Brooks and Don Williams are forever noticable in his songs.
He's often taken apart by management firms and labels because of his singing accent-to Amercanised they say. But Will Bailey doesn't take opinions from labels or any management...he listens to the crowd, joe public, which makes him probably the most user friendly unsigned artist on the planet.
His music appeals not only to those of his own genres but to Metal fans, Electronica fans and more.
"I think that people, no matter from what walk of life, can find something in the songs they can relate too. Make me proud of the tracks I release, even more proud when people download the tracks to keep for a while. It gives me an idea of the right direction"
With a new vocal strain, and hardened lyrics, Will Bailey looks set to appeal yet again. He's one artist who refuses to lay down and die.

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