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Sizm originates from Sweden.
Andreas Hansen (guitar) and Jonas Eriksson (drums), met in 1998 as two of five founding members of the short-lived band Murk Moribund and released a demo same year. In 2002 Andreas and Jonas formed the band Succubus and released a demo. In 2003 Succubus evolved into a new band, Eilan More, with a few new members and released the demo ”From Within”. Also this band was an ephemeral constallation leaving Andreas and Jonas rebooting with a completely new sound. After a few collaborations they settled as a duo named Sizm, playing some sort of instrumental, progressive rock/metal, releasing songs on various platforms from 2004 - 2009.
In ’09 vocalist Niclas Peterson joined to record one song before the band was put on hold for an uncertain future. Time past and in 2016 Andreas and Jonas revitalized Sizm with Niclas as a permanent member, making dark emotional music influensed by progressive-, sludge- and post-rock/metal. Now releasing single songs continiously on various media from 2017 and onward.