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Sowers Of The Seed

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Sowers Of The Seed
Sowers Of The Seed Bio:
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We came together as a group in 2004. My twin brother and I played country music for over eight years and we both knew something was missing, so we decided to go back to our roots and play gospel music.
We all have been so blessed with what our Lord has given us. Never berfore have we felt as much as a family with a group than now. Everyone in our group loves what we are doing and we thank our Lord for this.

-Info on the Members-
Thanks to our Lord, we have been blessed with a variety of talents. We all take our turns leading songs. This way not all our material sounds the same. Nate Adkins is our miracle worker on the instruments. This boy can play anything you put in his hands! We all do our part in the group to make us what we are today. But, we owe all our thanks to our Lord, with out him we would have nothing. When we write our material we don't look at it as if we wrote it. We truly know that these lyrics came from our Lord.

-What We Believe-
We believe that the only way into Heaven is through Jesus's Victory over death on the cross. That through the forgiveness of our sins through his blood we are saved and made heirs with him.
We also believe in following the spirit of the Lord in any service or singing that we are involved in.
We DO NOT choreograph any type of performance when we sing. We believe in following the Lord. At times we may give a testimony or may read a bit of scripture, all depending on what the Lord puts on our hearts.

What we do is for the Lord and not to make a name for ourselves. We want to help spread our Saviors Love by being a light unto him in this world that the lost may be saved.

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Album: We All Swung The Hammer-2006
Lead Vocals: Tom Curee

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"Gonna Live Again" » Christian Country 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Album: Sowers Of The Seed-2004

Lead Vocals: Jeff Curee