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Ghotti Bio:

Ghotti broke up in 2006 but invite you to continue to download and listen to their songs in the spirit they were written in. Pissed off, drunk and mostly jaded! We still stop by every now and then so please leave us a message if you want to rinse, praise, slate or raise us. Cheers :-) Ghotti were Pat on Drums, Ugo on Guitar and Howard on Vocals and guitar, all of whom were based in Brighton, England. Good friends blah blah together yada yada yada... something about playing music... waffle waffle waffle like any one gives a rats ****...influences/who we wish we actually were....blah blah.....drummer's out of control..guitarist grew up on a boat.....singer speaks Indonesian....just playing tunes and havin a ball..yap yap yap...who reads this stuff anyway - JUST LISTEN TO THE FREAKIN MUSIC AND MOURN THE LOSS OF YET ANOTHER BAND THAT DIDN'T MAKE IT!

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