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one step from the edge

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one step from the edge
one step from the edge Bio:

"One step from the Edge" were created in Ioannina in 2016. The sound of the band is a mix of many different musical genres. There are elements of technical thrash, the heavy American sound, metalcore and from other metal and rock genres.
In late 2017 the band recorded and released its first cd entitled «Beneath the Surface» which was recorded by Achilleas Kalantzis in "Suncord Audiolab studios" in Ioannina Greece
The band also released its first video clip for the track “No more”, which you can watch in the following address:
The lyrics are mainly about personal, social, political and economic issues, such as the reality that exists today, as well as society in general..
"One step from the Edge" have already composed material for a full-length album, which they have started recording in "Suncord Audiolab studios" with Achilleas Kalantzis
Along with the composition of new material and the recordings, "One step from the Edge" have already performed live with bands like Septic Flesh, Scar of the Sun, Mahakala, Hidden in the Basement, Bandemonic, and they participated in Ioannina Metalfest Vol III and Vol IV along with Blaze Bayley, Maplerun, Memorain, Hekatomb, Phil Campbell & the **** Sons, Beggars, Full House B.C., Behind The Smokescreen