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Boi Bry

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Boi Bry
Boi Bry Bio:

American Rap and Hip Hop artist Boi Bry was born Bryan Urias on September 16,1986 to Ricardo Urias and Cindy Asbury. With his father being in a band music was something that Bryan and his older brother Brandon were always around but at the age of 7 when his parents divorced and his mother moved them away. It wasn't until high school where Bryan and his mother moved around a lot attending three high schools in four years. His passion for music started at such a young age that he would dress up, dance, and sing along to any Michael Jackson song he heard. It didn't take long for Bryan to understand the concept and start writing his own songs at age 12 and shortly after that began recording and making music with his cousin Alex. At the age of 20 Bryan started his first mixtape with engineer and friend Jason Rudd at Sessionsworks. Jason introduced Bryan to Mr. Clint when he needed another voice on a track. Bryan began recording his first solo album Vision of my Livin' in 2006 and released it in 2010. Afterwards, Bryan and Mr. Clint formed the group 2 Suns N the Sky. Recorded and released a self entitled album in 2013 and an EP in 2016.
Bryan is currently working solo on an EP and just released his first single "For Me" featuring Sir IV and MC Queen. Bryan is also a husband and father to two boys ages 11 and 4.
You can purchase and download all of Boi Bry and 2 Suns N the Sky's music on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon, Soundcloud, DatPiff, Reverbnation or at

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