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Riotous Indignation

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Riotous Indignation
Riotous Indignation Bio:

Riotous Indignation is a thrash metal/hardcore crossover band from Chicago, Il USA. Which was founded by Bob Clayton and Mike Repel in 2015 and spent a majority of its first year writing and refining several songs, four of which have been made available to the public on the Violentus Musicae EP.

The bands debut release was recorded and produced by Repel, and was mixed at Dexter Labs Studio in Milford CT. by Nick Bellmore and was Mastered by 2 time Grammy nominated Chris “Zeuss” Harris.

The first track on The Violentus Musicae EP titled This World which premiered on has a cinematic intro that is bridged into the song with what sounds like tribal war drums reminiscent of Sepultura and followed by the bass guitar groove and guitar part that was musically influenced by Neglect and Judge, two hardcore bands that mastered the concept that you can be mean and heavy at a moderate tempo.

The First confirmed review of Violentus Musicae came from Metal Nexus on 5/30/2016 and was quite impressive.

As stated in New Noise Magazine: With songwriting that is lyrically reminiscent of the socio-political rantings of Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, vocalist Mike Repel had this to say about the release.

“I wanted to delve into some thought provoking subject matter that focuses on the ills that plague our society and can almost describe this release as an angry social commentary on the world we live in. 3 out of the 4 songs on the EP fit this description, the exception being “Our Scene Our Way” which is a traditional hardcore music singalong anthem.”

Riotous Indignation has released two music videos, the most recent video for "The End" premiered on Metal Underground on Jan 31 2017