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World Famous Johnsons

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World Famous Johnsons
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World Famous Johnsons have been a musical group for over five years. Formed in the Mile High City of Denver Colorado in 2010, this band is not ready to give up the ghost just yet. On December 1st 2012 the band released a full length CD titled Hitchhiking is Overrated just days before the passing of a founding member and guitar player Julian Anderson. Excitement about the CD release and the holidays were quickly overshadowed by the loss of a great friend and band member. One of Julian’s last messages to the band was to keep the band strong and keep it going. After Julian’s passing the decision was made to do just that and carry on his legacy through the performance of his songs.

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Sunshine Baby is the 7th song on the Hitchhiking is Overrated CD. Written by World Famous Johnsons bass player Scott Parker the song was added with two other songs to the original World Famous Johnsons seven song demo to complete the first full length CD. Sunshine Baby is based on three muses and is about loss and lost love. The song also has vampire connotations.