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Moriah Faith

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Moriah Faith
Moriah Faith Bio:

Moriah Faith may be a child of the new millennium, but she is a woman of today. Born in 2000, the 14-year old singer/songwriter understands that in the dance of life, a young girl must be prepared for whatever comes her way. Raised in Los Angeles by a single mother, Moriah found a way to battle the adversity and grow above to a higher place through faith and her passion for music.

Each of these loves has combined to put Moriah Faith's sound in a category of its own. There is something about her soulful vocals that are so profoundly human and so captivating, that they echo a deeper and more meaningful part of us all. Her lyrics deliver a new anthem of pain; embracing the complexity of heartache and the joy of overcoming it all.

As Moriah Faith continues to move on from her entrance into this world, she is constantly reminded that the only thing about life that grows old is our ability to inspire and create anew. Something she fully embraces to take her music to a whole new level.

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