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GoodNight City

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GoodNight City
GoodNight City Bio:

"Remember a time when bands took pride in being D.I.Y.- then actually did it? When bands, on their own time and dime, consistently delivered new songs and recordings to an ever-increasing fan base- one collected and nurtured via incessant, diehard touring? GoodNight City does... and they prove it every day" - Michael Weeman, BMI

The preceding quote goes a long way toward summing up GoodNight City's plan of attack. The Atlanta-based rock group, formed in early 2003, takes an old-school approach to rocking out: relentless touring, catchy songs and an incredible stage show. Sound simple? According to lead singer Dax McCall, it is.

"So many groups today over think things," he said. "At the end of the day, we're a band. So, we do our best to rock and keep our fans happy. We write good tunes, travel everywhere and play our hearts out onstage. It's that simple."

And while it may sound easy, an incredible amount of work has gone into building the escalating force that is GoodNight City. McCall and guitar player Blair Gilley first met in Louisiana. The pair hit it off and began collaborating on songs. They later moved to Atlanta, formed and toured briefly in a band called Field Day, where they met bassist Chuck Pollitzer. Soon after enlisting the help of drummer Josh Lee, the foursome regrouped, found their sound and became the pop/punk outfit GoodNight City.

Their sound brilliantly captures what so many other groups find elusive: it is polished, yet somehow remains raw. Every song showcases the driving, dynamic energy that has become this band's trademark while effortlessly blurring the borders of rock, pop and punk. Each track portrays a hidden dichotomy, simultaneously reveling hints of vulnerability and assurance lurking beneath the surface.

The group's debut album, entitled You Are Almost There, was released on September 23, 2003. Produced by industry veteran Jeff Tomei (Matchbox Twenty, Smashing Pumpkins), it serves as a skillfully-crafted hint at the endless opportunities ahead of this great band. Industry website Kings of A&R called the release "addictive and charismatic," and Performer Magazine raved that GoodNight City has "raised the bar for independent recording artists." It has sold more than 3,000 copies to date.

"Move On" is the album's first single. It was remixed by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Flickerstick) and has received heavy airplay on XM Satellite Radio and college stations nationwide. Other early supporters include 99X in Atlanta and 102.9 The Buzz in Nashville. "Move On" and follow-up single "Famous" have seen airtime on more than 20 commercial R&R reporting stations across the country.

GoodNight City boasts an impressive résumé for such a young group. In August 2004 they were chosen as one of the top three best unsigned bands in the country by Their music was heard by more than 10,000 listeners while being featured on Playboy's website.

The band has showcased as a featured performer at the Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta, the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) Conference in Arlington, Texas, and for industry executives at the world-famous C.B.G.B. in New York City. Their unique sound has landed them gigs with a variety of artists, ranging from Everclear to SR-71, Eve 6 to Maroon5, Better Than Ezra to Michael Tolcher, and many other diverse performers.

A perpetual crowd pleaser, GoodNight City has an active street team with more than 300 members across 23 states. This word-of-mouth marketing has helped establish GoodNight City as one of the South's fastest growing favorites. Their profile at the popular website receives an average of 750 hits each day. In less than three months on the site, the band's songs have been played over 10,000 times. An additional 8,000 users visit GoodNight City's website each month. Utilizing endless touring, radio support and Web-based promotion, this road-tested-and-approved band has built a dedicated fan base that continues to grow with each passing day.

When asked what's next for GoodNight City, guitar player Blair Gilley said, "That's simple--keep rocking out and making good music, that's what we do."

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