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Da Mercenaries

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Da Mercenaries
Da Mercenaries Bio:

This maybe the first time you have heard the name Da Mercenaries (or DMS for short), but realize it wont be the last. With a rip-roaring blend of awe-inspiring, self produced beats mixed with intelligent, witty and sometimes breathtaking lyrics, this innovative new Hip Hop duo from Warrington, U.K, erupt onto the scene.

The 2 Mercenaries both bring individual styles to the group which in total creates an exciting prospect in this altogether stale U.K. urban music industry. The first soldier, Yung B, is the main MC, the central vocalist responsible for a fierce style and hard hitting rhymes. Next in line, Joy-Rider, is the producer, but he also spits fire on the microphone. All of Joy-Riders beats are 100% original and personally recorded.

In April 2005, Da Mercenaries appeared on Chromium Record's compilation "The Best Unsigned Album....Ever 2" with a host of other talented artists. While in December 2005, DMS were chosen to appear on Rival Records mix tape Bedroom Beats Vol. One Underground Kings with three of their best tracks.

Da Mercenaries began back in September 1999, and now after endless improvements they have evolved into a strong force not to be messed with. Welcome to a new era of U.K. Rap and Hip Hop music, the era of Da Mercenaries.

Da Mercenaries To Appear On Mixtape!! posted: 05 Jan 2006 04:38 AM
Da Mercenaries have been chosen to appear on "Bedroom Beats Volume One : Underground Kings Mixtape" being distrubuted through Shorty and Rival Records. They will appear with three of their songs, other artists featuring on the mixtape include DJ Havoc, Shorty and DP The Mad Hatter.

New Trax Added! posted: 30 Dec 2005 12:51 PM
2 BRAND NEW tracks have been added today! "Pay Cheque" and "Yung B - Taster Freestyle"! Check them out!

Da Mercenaries Record "Doing Our Own Thing" posted: 19 Oct 2005 10:25 AM
We have just recorded our newwest track "Doing Our Own Thing", which is a track about how we just doing our own thing no matter what people say or do to try and stop us!! Its a got a different type of beat but still remains hardcore! Check it out on our SoundClick site at and let us know what you all think!!

Da Mercenaries record Cupid Shot Me!! posted: 14 Aug 2005 11:19 AM
We have just recorded our new track "Cupid Shot Me", which is a track about falling for someone but they don't know that you like them!! Its a different type of song for DMS but is still innovative! Check it out and let us know what you all think!!
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