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Unsure Uncertain

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Unsure Uncertain
Unsure Uncertain Bio:

Unsure/Uncertain, formed in May 2007, when Mitesh Mudras (Drums) showed an oceanic level of
dedication by travelling all the way from Powai to Lower Parel for a jam. The band sponsored by sheer
pocket‐money were impelled to cope with compromised instruments, such as a borrowed acoustic
guitar, second‐hand bass guitar, a puny little Stranger amp and a drum‐set comprising of a Hi‐hat stand,
a stool for a snare, a wooden chair and loads of boxes. After playing a dozen of engineering college
competitions, failing miserably in getting noticed, composing a couple of Punk songs, covering almost
very little, not getting eliminated being similar to a Grammy Award, changing 5 jam‐rooms with the
entire drum‐kit, the genre being transformed to Alternative/Progressive, and punching and kicking
through a huge calamity‐list, here is Unsure/Uncertain…

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