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Fiya Mayne

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Fiya Mayne
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Born on the same day as Joan Jett & Mystikal, Fiya Mayne has both the talents of the Virgo and Libra. A fantastic songwriter/singer/rapper, Fiya Mayne's popularity is boosting daily. Fiya was also born 5 days before Lil Wayne & 8 days before Eminem. He was born in Norfolk, VA. Moved to Tucson, AZ. and now resides in Colorado Springs, CO. About to raise another man's daughter, Fiya Mayne is pushing harder than ever. Support him from Day 1 and he'll remember you. Trust me.

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This song was made to express the Hypochondriac symptoms I have when I'm alone. I know I'm not the only one so I made is for us.