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Scott DeCarlo

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Scott DeCarlo
Scott DeCarlo Bio:

With the street smarts and strength of a NJ Police sergeant, and the musicianship and voice of a country singer, Scott DeCarlo is using his unique sound to take the Country music scene into his custody.

Boasting a big voice and enormous sense of determination, DeCarlo is a true showman of modern Country. Finding inspiration in an eclectic array of
performers, including Garth Brooks, Freddie Mercury, Elvis and Tim McGraw, he has cultivated his own sound: a blend of accelerated rock and open-heartedness.

His kick in the door blend of Country-Rock is energetic, accessible and, above all, authentic. “I am constantly inspired by the achieving underdog, the work ethic
of those who have nothing, and give everything of themselves,” says DeCarlo. “Those individuals bold enough to follow their sound, their dreams and remain
steadfast in their goals of high achievement through all obstacles.”

A former New Jersey Police Sergeant, DeCarlo, after 16 years of service, traded his badge for a guitar, moving to Nashville to pursue music full-time.

“Scott’s intensity, admiration and passion make him a truly dynamic performer,” says, producer and career musician, Biff Watson. “After working together on
some demos, we had developed a productive creative relationship, so when it came time to make a record, the partnership between he, Eric Legg [producer]
and I was truly optimal.”

As a child, DeCarlo was drawn to showbiz, albeit from unlikely sources: “I was probably somewhere around the age of 4 or 5 watching Elton John perform on
television and I remember saying. ‘I want to do that, I want to perform and sing.’ I don’t think I wanted to wear the glasses and funky clothes though.”

A friendly spirited individual and engaging orator, DeCarlo’s jovial personality and candid narratives are the threads to his songs; each one being both relatable and touching.

In 2000, DeCarlo began performing to an empty room at the world renowned Kenny’s Castaways in New Yorks’ West Village. “Even the soundman didn’t want
to be there,” says DeCarlo of the experience. “But, after a long while working through extreme lows and very few highs, people began coming to listen one at a time and the experience has influenced me to continue on my path and being on the path is the reward.”

In 2012, DeCarlo released his 10-song debut album, A Whole New Kind Of Crazy, performing throughout New England in support of the LP and receiving ecstatic
responses from crowds.

DeCarlo’s debut single, “Having A Good Time,” is currently at Country radio. The track is a feel good rally song about the simple kind of fun with friends that
has the exciting potential to get a little rowdy: “Drinks are flowing it won’t be long till everybody’s singing along…With the real rough boys making lots of noise
screaming, ‘Everybody, I wanna rock!’”

DeCarlo is currently residing in Nashville, writing material for his next LP. He plans to record and release a full-length album in 2013.

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