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Rebell Bio:

From the age of twelve years old Delaneo Rebell Gipson started writing his first lyrics. Inspired by N.W.A listing to Eazy E and Ice Cube he decided to be a poet. He never knew that he would be totally the opposite of them God had a plan. Rebell struggle as a kid in his youth due to drug addicted parents. Being push out in the streets from one family to another. He learned how to be for the community by the community and of the community. The community was all he had. With no responsible people in his life to look up to at the age of fourteen he did what ever he had to do to survive. Music
was his only form of escaping reality. Trapped in a society that would only drive a young man crazy he would disappear deep off into his poetry. Time and time again he would get into trouble. There was no one there to show him the way. From a B average student to not going to school at all he found himself locked up in juvenile hall. Already at seventeen Rebell was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Even locked up Rebell use his poetry to find a way out. He form a group of three artist and a acting crew and they put on a ensemble. They performed for the Director and he let one of the probation officers take them from church to church to perform there show. That’s when he knew he had what it took to make it in show business. He always wanted to write about his struggle so he’d influence and inspire others to be the best that he could. That’s why all of his music is positive and inspirational to the people. He will not stop until the whole world hears it.