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Everything Falls

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Everything Falls
Everything Falls Bio:

Embarking on a music career is no simple endeavor, and Tennessee native Aaron Linkous is no stranger to the adversities of the music business. Prior to his arrival in the Mid-Atlantic region, the Everything Falls frontman completed his degree in the Recording Industry and learned the ropes at two fast-paced Nashville recording studios. It was there in Music City, that he honed his skills as a singer/songwriter.

In 2010, Linkous relocated to the DC-MD-VA area where he soon met current bassist, Mike Smith. Together, Smith and Linkous began a diligent search for additional musicians. After multiple rounds of auditions in 2011, the duo gladly welcomes Jeff Sauber on drums and Gabe Goodin in lead guitar. Everything Falls was finally formed.

Influenced by (1) the intricate, powerful riffs of such bands as Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Three Days Grace and Metallica, and (2) the lyrical sentiments of bands like 3 Doors Down and Theory of a Deadman, Everything Falls delivers a hard-hitting combination of dynamic melodies and gripping lyrics.

“When I write a song, I want it to be as instinctive and heartfelt as possible,” stated Linkous. “Musically, I’ve always been a fan of bands that played cinematic-style songs. I try to incorporate that into my own composition and give people a setting or a place that they can latch onto.”

Presently, the band is actively promoting their new EP, Fight From Within, with performances at venues such as Jammin’ Java and Recher Theatre. Additional performance dates as well as full-length songs from Fight From Within can be found on their Facebook page or their Reverbnation page.

Deemed “polished” and “radio-friendly” by Northern Viriginia Magazine, Everything Falls is poised to become a front-runner in the regional rock music scene.

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