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HangFire Bio:

Southern rock band HangFire Featuring ex Tigertailz drummer Matt Blakout and totally blind guitar virtuoso Lizzy Lee Evans.. we think the band is something pretty awesome ;)

Frontman Max Rhead could be the **** love child of 'Coverdale' and 'Grohl' providing the swaggering aggression and passion that every classic rock band craves!

Always delivered with a wink and a smile, that compels an audience to come along for the ride!

Former Tigertailz drummer Matt Blakout gives the band it's gigantic powerful foundation with a 'Bonam'esk' sound and feel.

An obvious influence of 80’s American rock provides the drama and showmanship that Hangfire have become renowned for.

Bassist Bobby Goo draws on such diverse influences as 'The Bad Seeds' and 'Black Sabbath' to generate a sleezy, smoldering groove.

Like the unholy union of 'Nikki Sixx' and 'The Chilli Pepper’s Flea', Bobby drives the rhythm through the heart of the crowd.

Guitarist Lee ‘Lizzy’ Evans is a blind musical virtueoso with unfathomable touch and feel that gives the band it's southern bluesy edge.

An incredibly talented composer, he gives the cultured feel of 'Bonamassa' blended with the awesome 80’s riffs of 'Jake E Lee'.

Please check out the latest vid 'For Crying Out Loud' from their newly released album 'Shoot The Crow'

and a vid from last year - 'Bodies'

HangFire have been getting airplay on most of the rock radio shows out there at the mo and are doing plenty of interviews too, so i'm sure you will be hearing the name a fair bit With a full tour coming up around the UK in June/July.

Also support to Blaze Bayley on his only Wales date on May 16th at The Patriot, Crumlin.

Check out Reverbnation for more tracks:

Facebook page:


The bands website:

where you can find all the info, dates and merch!!

The album 'Shoot The Crow' can be bought from the website and also downloaded from Itunes, Amazon and Spotify...

Thanks for listening, and please friend us on FaceBook so we can say hi!!


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