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Laurelyn Carter

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Laurelyn Carter
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My name is Laurelyn Carter and I am a 14-year old music artist and and actress wannabe from Alabama.

In the last year, I have performed at places and events from the Wildhorse Saloon (no, I don't regularly hang out in saloons) in Nashville to the Goats, Music & More Festival in Lewisburg, TN (yes, GOAT Festival with real-live goats! - we don't have as much to do down here - lol!). My goal is to do the Slugburger Festival and the Toe Jam Sandwich Festival too!

I have had the pleasure of opening for artists such as Vince Gill, Blake Shelton, Diamond Rio, Cowboy Crush and even Percy Sledge (odd one to throw in but he was at the Goat Festival - go figure).

I am a normal teen and maintain an A average in school but I do feel like my future is in the entertainment industry - I can do that acting stuff too (ha ha - I really can, seriously). I was also voted the Freshman Homecoming Attendant in 2004 (but I am not one of those snobby beauty queen girls - my toenails aren't even painted - it was a complete surprise to me!). Rolling yards with toilet paper is another thing I am particularly good at.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site! And, if you are not a major record label executive, feel free to forward my info to someone you know who may have a sister or brother whose married to a cousin (oh, wait,ya'll don't do that up there, do you? -just kidding, we really don't do it here either (much)).... who IS one!
And, if I've only made you laugh today, that's OK too!

Laurelyn Carter

PS. Just to set the record straight so you won't think we are barbarians - Contrary to popular belief (i.e., the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" we don't eat bologna cake here - that's sick! I'd never even heard of it before that movie! We prefer cheeseburger pie or chocolate gravy or a fried twinkie! Although that does remind me of the story my Momma told me about how my uncle, when he was little, snuck some bologna into church, stood on the front pew and......

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"Wild Ride" » Country 2 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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"He's Not You" » Country Traditional 6 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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"I Like Talking to You" » Country 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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