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Gaz major 7 connection
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Born near Liverpool in 1980 gaz has always had a keen interest in music composition and formed a band in 1997 to put his creative ideas into practice, a big fan of The Beatles and Elvis Gaz had already an idea of the stage presence he was seeking to entertain the crowd and put his heart and soul into every number he performs. Joint lead singer for the band Misty Waters Gaz also wrote most the songs and played lead (before rhythm)guitar. The band performed locally and received some great plaudits with there classic covers of rock n pop numbers plus catchy original tunes, eventually the band split because of Musical differences but Gaz kept writing his tunes and learnt piano and bass guitar, eventually in 2012 Gaz started promoting himself as a solo artist and performing local jam nights in his new venue in lancashire. Gaz is a passionate talented performer with a raw quality to his voice but still maintains a good vocal range, his material is impressive ranging from Alternative tracks, to Soulful ballads to Catchy witty pop rock tracks with some folk thrown into the equasion. 2013 is definitely a year to look out for Gazmajor7!

hey posted: 04 Apr 2012 05:02 PM
hey thanx for all the good vibes it means alot :)